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Plays Strong. Plays Smart. Bounces Back quickly.

(Understands life’s a Process, not Perfection.)




Forgives. Gives to Gain. Doesn’t Complain/Blame.

(Understands the ‘Passers’ in life get passed to.)




Knows the Coach, Knows the System. Trusts Both

(Understands the right “what’s and why’s” can unleash the maximum ability to win in life.)





(Stay posted for our next Camp at the Schott)

-Boys Basketball-

Court U. High School CAMP at the Schott 
The Ohio State Schottenstein Center
is the site of our impactful summer event!
FREE Camp, free lunch, free shirts...
Must have played HS Varsity, JV, or Freshmen team.
-High level skills training, lots of competitions/games, life motivation talks and challenges
(Speakers/Camp Coaches list below)-


"Thank you Court U for letting me learn a lot of life lessons that I will never forget."                                      



Smart Player. Team Player. Strong Player.

“Many small, good choices today make you great tomorrow.”- C.Joseph

Professional player, Wake Forest Grad.- L.D. Williams



"This was unlike any camp I have ever coached. I grew just as much as the players."


Speakers and Camp Coaches 

 Brian Stablein - Buckeye Football standout, retired NFL player

 AJ Dixon - Asst. HS Coach/AAU coach, ex-College player

 Keith Dalton - State tourney ref, Brookhaven grad, retired Army

 Doug Muszynski - Senior VP at PNC Banks Corp.---

 Bryan Weakley - Retired College Head coach, ex-College player

 Brian Budd  - AAU Coach, Corp. Exec. Pitney-Bowes Inc.

 Andy Bosley  - Ex-College Player

 Paul Hartje - Successful HS coach and teacher

 Jamel Morris -College standout, NBA Summer League

 Cody Ballard - International Pro player, basketball trainer

 Jon Diebler - OSU Captain, State Champ, Pro Player

 Joel Juday - Marketing Exec. Hollister

 Rob Taylor - Supervising U.S. Probations, Owner Buckeye Prep

 J'Sean Tate  -Ex-OSU Player

 Jay Joseph - 2 Time All-State, College player

 Steve Whiteman - High school coach, basketball trainer

 Nick Muszinski - College Player

 Kevin Jones - Senior Vice President Micro Center Corp.

 Chris Joseph - Executive Director of Court U.